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Hurricanes and Cancer

September 13, 2017

OH MY........what a couple of weeks!  We left over Labor Day weekend to go to Texas and visit family only to arrive a few days after Hurricane Harvey and see all the devastation that occurred in Houston and surrounding areas.  


In Texas we were challenged with gas and were surrounded by so many people who had just lost so much.  We returned home on Monday night to make plans to evacuate for Hurricane Irma.  We prepped our home for a category 5 hurricane headed straight for us and packed up our valuables, cats, and oldest son in our car and sent him out at 4am Wednesday morning.  He drove to Alabama and stayed with family and then joined us in Tennessee.  My husband and myself flew to Tennessee to stay with family.  We were surrounded by family and so much love.  For the next two days we sat staring at our CNN coverage, the Weather Channel and any Facebook posts I could keep up with.  Our imaginations running wild and fear controlling the energy,  it was a very stressful time. In the end, our 50 year old black mahogany fell on part of our house, so we are waiting for the proper people to come check it out. Have some house damage, but we are ok!



Feeling a bit of deja vu with the feeling of "being out of control". I am proud of myself though, I haven't touched the xanax at all, and that was a staple for me after my cancer diagnosis.  I have since learned to breathe, to do yoga, to have essential oils, to turn my problems to prayer and angels and stay positive.  If your read my blog during cancer, staying positive was not really my thing. I have worked hard  since my cancer diagnosis to turn my concentration to the most positive mental path I can.  I noticed I have improved dramatically with the circumstances of this hurricane. 


My family decided to have a surprise 50th birthday luncheon for me, to keep my mind off of the hurricane.  There was nothing we could do, missing the news coverage was ok.  It was the kindest, sweetest thing.  It meant so much to me.



I see so many parallels with a cancer diagnosis and a catastrophic event. Many parts of the puzzle is out of your control and your brain freezes.  Why it is so important to have a good support group and if you don't have one, that's what Mama Bear Cancer Support is about, we are there for you when you need us during this difficult time.  I want to personally thank everyone who checked on us and everyone that was with us in prayer and love during this difficult time and I would encourage those who are feeling overwhelmed to take a minute and breathe and see if you can find ONE thing that you are grateful for in that moment in time. It really does help.


I can barely wait until next time and always paws for Love,

Mama Bear Donita







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