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August 11, 2017

I am no different than any of y'all, going through things in my personal life.  I try to implement all of the things I share with all of you.  Stay positive, journal, look to a higher entity (if that's your thing), journal, walk, go to nature, read positive things, don't hang out with people who breathe negativity, and it works for me.


However, with that said, I will say when all the chaos is all said and done, I usually have a breakdown of some sort myself.  I allow myself to do this and to cry it out so I can release any negative energy that might have built up in me during the challenging times.


Does anyone else do that?  I'm curious.  I mean I can stay calm, cool, and collected while someone's arm is dangling or waiting for some news, but once it's all said and done-complete basket case for about 20 minutes, then I tend to move on.


I think it's healthy(ish) although I feel like maybe I should learn to not have the breakdown, what are y'all's thoughts??




I really would like to know your thoughts, please comment below!!

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