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The Waiting Game

August 4, 2017

I was recently talking to someone about waiting for a diagnosis from a biopsy.  If you've been touched from cancer, you've more than likely waited for a biopsy result.  It is such a mind game.  This person was saying they were tired, physically and mentally and we talked about how your body, regardless of the results, was still fighting something alien. Whether it turns out to be a battle or a false alarm, it is still in your body and your body is fighting it, physically and mentally. The mind is in a battle all it's own and when the mind is in battle, your body just follows along for the fight. 


The conversation evolved into how to take care of yourself regardless of whether or not you know the result of the biopsy yet.  We discussed how your body is like a smart phone and if you could only charge it once every 24 hours how would you reserve your "battery". 


Would you yell at the person who made you feel a little uncomfortable when they cut you off in the heavy traffic, would you hold a grudge that had existed a very long time, would you worry about crossing every t and dotting every i or would you kind of just let things go? This would be a good time to try and concentrate on you and only you, try and let things go that don't deserve your real 24 hour battery. 


Regardless how a biopsy result turns out, try to use the time for waiting as a recharge time. Let your body be calm, minimize any unnecessary stress, eat the best you've ever eaten, do some research on the foods that fight free radicals (email me and I'll send you that list)! Eat cancer fighting foods (leafy green vegatables, cruciferous vegetables, berries, brightly orange-colored fruits and veggies, citrus fruits, squash, sweet potatoes, fresh herbs and spices, organic meat, cultured dairy products, nuts and seeds). Maybe you've always wanted to try meditation or yoga but didn't have the right catalyst.  Do it!


Learn to talk kindly to yourself.  Your cells are spying on all of your thoughts and react accordingly. Those thoughts you keep in your mind aren't secrets, your entire body knows them and will absolutely act accordingly, so again, be super kind to yourself.  Be patient with yourself, when the mind is preoccupied (hopefully with loving, healing and kind thoughts) it's hard to concentrate on little things like turning on the right street to come home or remembering to put the lid on the ketchup. 


We ended the conversation with the "game plan" of mentally and physically treating your body to the best of your ability and understanding that whatever the results were, having an active lifestyle, implementing a clean diet with a healthy mental outlook could only improve life and using all of that "waiting" energy towards improving your lifestyles.




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