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Awesome Product-Read Below!

July 28, 2017

A few months back I was looking for products that I could feel confident about recommending for people ooking to minimize the chemicals in their lives.  I came across this lovely lady, Aysha Bowling, and she was with the Melaleuca company.  We chatted and I soon sampled the products.  They are amazing and quite "chemical" friendly.  I endorse this company and their products, not only for cancer related illnesses, but any illness that chemical reduction would be a good thin, as well a,s anyone wanting to reduce their chemicals in the home would love these products.  I personally can speak to the laundry stain remover, wow! In addition to having less chemicals and safer products, they cost a LOT less!!  I wanted to share her story with you, although it's not cancer, sharing stories is what shares information.  If you are interested, please give Aysha Bowling a shout out on instagram @healthlegacyproject or Facebook Aysha Bowling, Bowling Home Inc., it's WELL worth it!


Here's her story:


Miracle in a bottle, Eczema Relief

Did you know that 35 million Americans suffer from Eczema and 1-3% is adults and 10-20% is children?  Our family soon realized the reality of these statistics when my son was diagnosed with severe eczema. Eczema is a chronic skin condition caused by inflammation and there are many root causes such as genetics, diet, stress and environment. 

My husband and I have 2 little boys (ages 5 and 2). When my youngest was an infant he had eczema that covered 50% off his body (head to toe). It was horrible and heartbreaking. There were days when he would wake up from a nap covered in blood from scratching profusely. We tried just about everything to alleviate his irritated skin such as products like Eucerin and CeraVe. They didn’t work. We also used prescription steroid creams, but unfortunately over usage would result in unhealthy side effects. Then we experimented with coconut oil, but once again it left us extremely frustrated and we had no clue of what to do next. At this point I started to make dietary changes to our son’s diet specifically eliminating dairy. That helped to reduce inflammation, but we were still in need of a topical remedy.

One day a good friend of mine came over and shared some information with me regarding an online wellness company she had been shopping with. This particular store manufactures non-toxic household consumable products. They specialize in products that address eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and chronic dry skin. When I told her about my son’s condition, she recommended Renew Skin Therapy Lotion. This product is the #3 top seller in their entire store. Not only did she recommend it, she shared with me how it was tested against Eucerin and outperformed it in 24 hours.  My friend gave me a sample size bottle of the Renew and told me to try it on our son right away. I’m not going to lie I was very skeptical, but it was worth a try. I decided to apply it to my son’s skin one night after a bath and within 24 hours his skin began to recover! I even applied it to his scalp and it healed nicely. It was if the miracle finally found me!

You may be wondering, “What makes this miracle working lotion so effective”? Renew lotion contains Melaleuca oil which is also known as Tea Tree oil.  There are several different health benefits from using Melaleuca oil and one of the benefits is that it provides healing for the skin. This lotion is like nothing we have ever tried before. As I mentioned we started off with the sample size and now we have upgraded to the family size because everyone in the home is using it! Renew Lotion has really blessed our family and most importantly our son. It is truly a miracle in a bottle!     

Data source: https://www.neosporin.com/eczema/what-is-eczema





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