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Time Just Keeps Going

July 14, 2017

I have fallen behind in my blogging but feel pretty confident that you all will forgive me!  I have been very busy getting a new and exciting title.  I can't spill the beans quite yet but I am so excited, as soon as I can share you will KNOW!!  


Meanwhile I can say if you have a cancer story or a cancer related product or both or have been touched by cancer in some way and would like a voice, some exposure and possibly some selling of your product on my webpage (cancer related only please) email our support manager, Nicole at nicole@mamabearcancercoach.com.


Anyhoo, time just keeps on going and going, it's crazy.  My youngest child turned 21, I can hardly believe it.  Fun times to be a Mom, each phase new and different, exciting things at every turn. People ask me how long I've been a survivor and I actually have to stop and think about it.  When I was going through cancer, I would have never dreamed that I wouldn't know EXACTLY how much time had past since my cancer.


Something to keep in mind when you are going through treatment or watching someone go through treatment, that time does indeed keep going.  Whether it's going slow or fast, it's going and your "end of treatment" gets closer and closer.  Eventually your scars will fade and your hair will return, as will you life and your new self, stay positive and ask for support if/when you need it, it is always there.  Call on your "tribe":family-coworkers-friends-anyone in your circle.  If they can do it they will.  If you would like support but find yourself wanting some privacy, give us a call. 


Embrace time and it's ability to just keep on ticking, the ebb and flow of life will have you back in a comfort zone soon, as my dear friend Colette says, keep breathing!




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