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May 12, 2017

Amit is our guest blogger today and he is from D.S. Research Centre in India. 


CANCER..!! " A journey between get knowledge to cultivate society"


When I was a kid my grandmother was suffering from mouth cancer & unfortunately we loose her due to lack of knowledge & information about available treatment & its alternatives. But, to be very frank I was least bother for such situation as a kid even I was literally unaware about cancer. Gradually I became mature & when I started my career with cancer research institution named D.S.Research Centre, where we treat cancer through ancient Ayurveda based on nutrient energy therapy. 


Very initially, I started visiting cancer patients from various regions & parts of the map, While interacting with them, very shocking I came to know that they are just following the procedure of treatment, means they don't even know what is cancer? Strange..!! But, true. That's not stopped there, many of them couldn't complete their treatment due to shortage of money which ultimately causes death. These signs are due to lack of knowledge, treatment & its alternative treatment. So, we, D.S.Research centre initiated for cultivating the society towards cancer to make our society cancer free. It's difficult to face cancer alone but if we come together then we can defeat cancer. cause, a single wood stick is easy to break but it's difficult to break bunch of Wood stick..!! So, let's come together to make our society cancer free..!! 


I really appreciate Ms. Donita (MAMA BEAR CANCER COACH) for the work she is doing for the cancer patients. cause, patients are more likely seeking for the support which is more than anything. The contribution by her to motivate people in the disease is immeasurable..!! 

Stay blessed Donita & keep doing good work..!!



Amit D Gaikwad

D.S.Research Centre





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