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Why am I a Cancer Coach?

February 16, 2017



Sometimes I read through social media posts, and I see someone earned their wings from Cancer. It makes me break down and cry.  I don't know these people, but I empathize.  
I know that the caregiver is brokenhearted. I know their loved ones will never be quite the same, and I know the patient fought with everything they had.  The harsh reality is, sometimes you lose the battle.


Once I wipe away the tears, I become MORE motivated to spread the word that I am here to help.  I know that Cancer is a financially challenging time, so I took my original idea and I changed it up a bit.  I have to do this cancer coaching, and I won't allow anything to set me back from being there for people: it's my passion. My drive. My calling.  


To expand upon what I changed: services are now "pay as you see fit." The payment, if there is any, is to be made AFTER all coaching is complete. This way, everyone is treated fairly. I also want to give back 10% of what you choose to pay to the charity of your choice, in your name.  Even if you are unable to pay, I will give $25 to the charity of your choice in your name. If you chose to pay over $200 for the coaching services you receive, I will match the donation and give 20% back to your charity of choice.  


Why am I doing this?  Because I don't want ANYONE to not be able to get the coaching they may need and deserve.  


At this point, I feel like my cancer(s) have been a blessing to me. I can't change what has already transpired. I accepted I had Cancer, and I fought and won! I want to share my drive and determination with anyone and everyone who will listen.  I want to help people WIN! Those who don't win will still need comfort given to their loved ones.

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