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Be an EDUCATED Food Junkie!

January 18, 2017


These are some of the popular questions floating around there and some think they are all "hype" or "scare tactics" or " heavy advertising" by those with deep pockets, but in all honesty it's up to you to decide what you put into your body.  If you take the time to read the labels and educate yourself, then you will be doing yourself a huge favor in cancer prevention.  


I am not claiming that all of these things will prevent you from getting cancer I am simply stating that you need to educate yourself. Everyone knows how important an education is, this is no different.  Only this goes INTO your body,  you use it as fuel. You don't have to be a scientist to figure out how to decide if you should have it.  


Here are some suggestions to getting started.


1) Read the Label


 If it has more than 5-6 ingredients that aren't actually food, then skip it.  Our body doesn't know what to do with chemicals. Read where it comes from, then read the guidelines for where it came from as it related to food production and if they use chemical sprays, genetically modified organism (gmo).  Look up things you don't recognize.  Most things that end in "ose" are sugar. There's only one thing you need to remember about sugar and it's bad.  Limit, limit, limit, but there are options!   (check out GREEN stevia-it's actually green)


2) Familiarize Yourself with Words


Don't recognize the word, look it up.  Here are a few.

  • Natural-means NOTHING.  In my opinion,  it's a marketing word.

  • Genetically modified organisms (gmo) what are they?  When were they introduced? 

  • Probiotic-what are they? Do we need them? 

  • Sugar-what's the big deal? Sweeteners?

  • Soda-again, what's the big deal?

  • Organic-do I really  need organic food?  What exactly does organic mean? 

  • Corn syrup-is it really in everything? Is it bad for you?

  • Processed Foods-how are they processed? 

You hear these words all the time but it's up to you to decide if you want them in your body or not, but you have to make an EDUCATED decision.


3) Do you OWN research


Why is local important? Why are different countries regulations important? How do I regulate my information?  I would love to tell you it's easy, but it's not.  It's worth it though because you're going to have your body your whole life and you really only get one body.  It is a machine and you want to keep that machine up and running the best that you possibly can.  For me it was trial and error.  I just kept looking.  In todays internet world the information is at your finger tips. Good and bad information, go with your gut, it's usually right.


Take the TIME to investigate, you are WORTH it!  


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