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December 19, 2016

I work at a yoga studio in Hollywood, Florida.  Yoga 1 has been the best thing to happen to me since being diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer.  Yes, you read that correctly.  One of the best things that ever happened to me was being diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer.  Are you wondering why that is one of the best things, I'll tell you. If I hadn't been diagnosed, I would be gone.  Triple negative is one of the more metastasizing  cancers.  If I hadn't been diagnosed that cancer would have spread as far as it could have and I wouldn't be here.  So yes, it was one of the best things to ever happen to me was my diagnosis.  


Another fantastic thing to happen to me was yoga.  The cancer treatment center I went to wanted me to do yoga as part of my recovery.  I fought it so hard, I didn't go for the longest time.  Then one of my friends whom I was going through treatment with talked me into going.  It wasn't too bad.  Then I kept going and going and going.  I never spoke in the class never made eye contact. Got to my spot and just did my thing and left.  It was so different than I usually am with people, I didn't want to socialize at all, I was angry.  I could barely touch my toes.  I couldn't do triangle pose I couldn't hardly cross my legs. It was horrible and I hated it but I could tell my body was responding to it , I kept doing it.


Both of these things were forced on me.  One was to live and one was to get my life back.  I dreaded them both and anxiously awaited each new chemo, radiation and yoga class.  I did it though, and I continued to do yoga after my treatments were done.   I realized slowly that my radiation burns were going away, the red scars were fading and I was able to touch my toes pretty easily now. I have absolutely no scientific facts behind my theory, but I absolutely believe cancer forms under stress.  I was under lots of stress and I believe I did things to my body with stress that led to that deformed cell that led to cancer that led to yoga that led to me finding me. In the end it worked out for me and I am blessed.  I don't ever forget how blessed I am to live the life I live.  


Something I have learned in yoga is to be open-to anything.  Open your mind, open your thoughts, physically open your body.  The yoga community is onto something. I don't want to be a yoga teacher, that's not my gig.  I am thinking about being a meditation teacher or guide, not sure what the proper term is.  It suits me, I like to meditate.  I will say I'm not a traditional meditator but I'm working on that too.  It seems like life is full of work.  Makes sense.  As I get older I do see a benefit to working smarter than harder.  I fought so hard just to live and I was so tired and yoga reinvigorated me. 


It's hard to appreciate life when you are battling for it. Be kind to people who are on their cancer journey. If they are acting a little crazy, let them be a little crazy.  If they are tired, let them sleep.  If they won't want to eat, don't make them eat. If they need a break, let them have a break.  Keep asking them if they would like to go to yoga, clean their house, cook them a meal, pick up their children.  Don't ask because they are supposed to be "warriors" and do everything but on the inside they don't want to do everything, do something.  Encourage them to find their "thing". Try yoga!  


You can try out my awesome studio, Yoga 1 in Hollywood, FL.  Here's the webpage. 




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