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Boobs Everywhere

September 29, 2016



This is an original post from my blog August 4, 2009 "Just Donita" I wrote while going through my cancer journey.  I don't notice boobs as much anymore, as I recognize a survivor. I learned along the way that physical looks were not nearly as important as I once thought they were.


I'm not sad, I'm scared (not of dying-when I refer to being scared I NEVER mentally go there or mean that) there are so many possibilities of what I could react to, what might happen, etc. if you are my friend or family and are reading this, you already know if some freaky thing can happen, it will happen to me. Maybe I've already covered that with the TNBC (triple negative breast cancer) I hope so. 


I am absolutely sure of one thing: when you tell someone in person you have breast cancer, they stare at your boob. Someone said it's like they are waiting for a monster to jump out of your breast. I agree. Are they waiting for a neon sign with an arrow pointing to the 9 o'clock position reading "CANCER HERE!!!" Seriously, do you look at someone's ass when they say they have colon cancer?




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