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November 6, 2016

When I was finished with my treatment and told I was cancer free, I expected my old life to return.  That didn't happen and that's a good thing. I had grown and changed. I won a huge battle, but that didn't mean that I wasn't still suffering battle fatigue and exhaustion.  I was far from being done with the emotional end of things.  I specifically remember thinking that some of the least likely people in my life had let me down during this time.  It was not intentional on their part, but it had made a big enough impact on me that I no longer wanted to continue some of these relationships.  That included some surprising outcomes.  Looking back seven years later, I would have still done exactly what I did.  You need to stand up for yourself. If someone brings you down, and can't respect the battle and changes that have occurred in your life, it's ok to take a break from them.  One friend shared with me one of the better pieces of advice I have ever gotten: "Sometimes you need a break, not a break up."  It sounds like common sense, right? But how many people actually take the time to take a break?  It's less messy to make a clean break. 
I will say that the people I took a break from were probably shocked. I was not good at communicating why I was taking a break, because I was too tired.  Some people have come back into my life and some have not. That's the price of war.  But there is still time, I'm planning on being around for a while.  If you have taken a break from someone, know that it's ok to do what is right for you.





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