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June 20, 2016


This is a repost of my original blog Aug. 2, 2008, when I was first diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. The picture is a trip we went on as a family, a day after I was diagnosed, to Washington DC.  I'm smiling on the outside but terrified on the inside.


I created this blog because I have so many thoughts rambling through my brain I thought writing them down would be best.  There are two ways you are supposed to respond to having breast cancer, the first one is how everyone expects me to go through this, and the second one is how I really will go through this. THIS blog is for the second reason. If you don't want to know how I really feel, then don't read it. I have triple negative breast cancer and no it's not a good thing to be triple negative. That is everyone's first response "oh that's good". No, it's not good. It means that I tested negative to three different things that make this cancer aggressive and unresponsive to hormone treatment. In a nutshull, it's more dangerous and more stubborn and OF COURSE more rare, because it's me and that's all I get. Although with all the "rare" crap I've gotten over the years, I've never had a bad outcome and I'm married to someone with a "horseshoe stuck up his ass" so I-in the end-will be FINE and live forever. But right now I'm just mad that I have this and mad I will lose my hair. That's today, I am sure it will change everyday. I got the call on Friday to expect a surgery date next week for my lumpectomy and then the Dr., my husband and myself will discuss the treatments. My Dr. is good, he's reputable, he is responsive, he is just a man of little words and seems to save his words, treats patients more as a "need to know" rather than prepare. I say this because Friday was the FIRST since this all began that I found out about all this that I heard the word CHEMO, I don't like that word, it's a scary word.






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