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The Ah Ha Moment

June 8, 2016

A few years ago I knew that my children would be going to college and I could take the opportunity to become a life coach. While exploring my options for life coaching, I was continually guided back to cancer and cancer coaching. It was finally clear to me that I needed to be a cancer coach, thanks to my two friends who sat me down and said to me, you need to be a cancer coach.  That was my "ah ha" moment.                                                  And I knew they were right, I just needed that "push".  I am so grateful for being open and receptive to the path I am calling life,something I have learned through my yoga practice. I can feel it in my bones and my thoughts and my actions, I love this calling.

Ultimately, my biggest dream, is that we find a cure for cancer. Until then I would like to share my path, education, trials and errors and empathy with those going through cancer. 




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