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Preparing the Hair

November 4, 2016

Original blog post from August 8, 2009 "JustDonita".  Looking back on these posts and photos remind me how uneducated I was with chemicals and products.  I have taken all of those chemicals out of my life and educated myself on the products out there and the reasons not to use those chemicals.  I don't have anything on my hair right now, but at some point I will need something and I notice every year products get safer and the consumer has more knowledge.  Read the labels, look up ingredients, know what you are putting directly into your body on a regular basis.


I got my hair cut today, in preparation for losing it.  I will miss my hair.  Before I was noticing boobs, now all I notice is hair.  Long hair, short hair, curly hair, purple hair, blonde hair, red hair and the list goes on and on.  I thought about it, first I was angry that I was going to lose my hair and then I accepted the fact that I didn't really have a choice.  I've always like short hair so I thought I would try out something fun for when my hair starts growing out.  I thought I might cry, but I didn't.  I didn't feel anything, like nothing.  I guess perhaps I'm still in denial, or maybe being ever hopeful that somewhere, somehow, in all of this cancer maze something has been wrong.  Like maybe I got the wrong file or maybe they were mixed up.  I know that's not going to happen but it sure is fun to fantasize about right now.  I like the haircut, it was almost liberating in some weird way.





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