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Emotional Roller Coaster

July 27, 2016


Originally posted July 6, 2009. Looking back on these blog posts reminds me of how little in control I was. I was in such shock and denial. It's apparent that my coping skills are those of slight denial, but I've learned so much about the cancer battle through myself and others. I am now confident, and armed with the knowledge and experience encouraging to encourage those just starting their battle. I really feel like that insight helps my clients.


I love my family, they make me laugh and really don't allow me the luxury of having any sort of pity party for the TNBC.


I haven't worked out in two weeks and let me tell you it was AWESOME to be back at the gym. I have a new walking friend. She's a cancer survivor as well, so she's fun to walk with and she "gets it" like few do. 


It has been suggested to me to go about life and not let the cancer win, so I've decided that the best I can, I will do just that, go on as though the giant Cancer elephant is still at the zoo. The great thing about this blog is if I want to talk about it, you will know!


Today I am fine with losing my hair. It's just hair; not an arm, or a leg, or a lung. It will grow back. I am ok with looking different, and I can be strong for everyone who can't be because that's how I roll. 


I am just patiently waiting for the doctor's office to call me with a lumpectomy date so we can get this party started. I am wearing what my Mom refers to as my "Garfield smile" right now.......surely they have all contact numbers for me right??!!


Let me go on record and just let you all know, yesterday was the hardest day for me thus far, but I really am better today. I love my life, I have the perfect life, the perfect husband, perfect children, perfect friends, perfect family (most of you), and I really mean that. I'm ready to get this going so I can be done and continue with this perfect life I've been blessed to live.

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