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Time to Rally Gift Shop

Time to Rally Gift Shop was founded by a breast cancer survivor. It is an online shop specializing in heartfelt gifts for women going through cancer. These gifts are designed to show support in the most meaningful way during one of life's toughest times.


Hemp CBD is essential to your health. Nexcel is a company that offers superior nutritional supplements that contain the most potent synergistic non-psychoactive cannabinoid compounds in the medicinal cannabis industry. If you’re interested in learning more about the company, their products and the health benefits of CBD visit my link: www.nexcel.biz/gail

Breast Cancer Clothing Designed to Wrap Women in Love

Breast Cancer Clothing Designed to Wrap Women in Love

The design for each garment began with a woman in my life who was battling cancer:  Jayne, my mother; Lynn, a dear friend; and Melissa, my beloved cousin. My garments are designed and developed in order to provide cancer patients with dignity during chemo treatments or post mastectomy. 

Take Some Time to Laugh Every Day

Laughter truly IS the best medicine. It can take you out of yourself for some well-needed time away from stress and hardship.  In Laugh Out Loud, bestselling author, Allia Zobel Nolan and 40 contributors  whoop it up with reveries of life in the past lane—the days when woman teased their hair until it gave up and dated guys who wore more jewelry than a shopping channel promo.  Published in association with the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop, the book documents what it’s like to go from hot pants to hormones, from mood rings to menopause, including stories of an ex-husband’s cremation, online dating when you’re sixty-plus, and working in an office where you’re the only one taking cholesterol drugs. Bestselling author Gingy Beckerman says the book “lives up to its title.” As Erma Bombeck, one of the world’s funniest ladies (who suffered from kidney disease and later in her life had breast cancer and a mastectomy) once said: “If you can make it better, you can at least laugh at it.”

Christy Ward - CK Scarves

Christy of CK Scarves is on a mission to get chemo scarves donated at infusion centers all over the country. These scarves are simple to make and take less time than knitting a hat!

CR World

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of over a hundred compounds found in hemp which is a strain of the Cannabis plant, but don't be alarmed. This strain has less than .003 percent of THC, the compound known for its psychoactive or "getting you high" qualities.

CBD has been shown to help with pain caused by inflammation: as well as stress and anxiety and a variety of other health issues. It has also been used to safely and effectively for older dogs suffering from inflammation or any dog who stresses over transitions or thunderstorms.

Twin Flame Arts

Tracy Arietti left her job as an attorney to focus on her passion to create, working now in her home studio to produce jewelry, home décor and other artwork that satisfies her wild gypsy soul! 


Twin Flame Arts includes a line of gift items for people going through difficult times.  Two of her most popular items in this series are the Bird Message stained glass suncatchers, including Cardinals for Remembrance, Bluebirds for Happiness, Doves for Peace, Blackbirds for Survivors, Robins for New Beginnings and Blue Jays for Fun; and her “Write Your Own Story” fused glass pendants, which are reminders that through adversity we persevere with “Strength” and “Courage;” and are “Fearless,” “Fierce,” “Warriors” who “Believe” that better days are coming!  You may find Twin Flame Arts at https://www.twinflamearts.etsy.com, on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/twinflamearts, and on Instagram @twinflamearts.  You may learn more about Tracy and her other pursuits (including psychic readings and spiritual coaching) at https://www.thebonesspeak.com.  There you may also purchase the bestselling book to which she contributed:  365 Days of Angel Prayers.  She periodically adds to her blog page here.

Lovely Lion Heart

Online store celebrating fierce women through custom gifts and graphics tees. 

7 Stitches Boutique

7 Stitches Boutique offers stylish, handcrafted surgical recovery products lovingly designed to provide comfort and convenience during your personal journey back to health.

The Juicera

Started by a wife and mother with a passion for health and wellness, to create a company that focuses on providing families with the highest quality clean and convenient nutrition. The Juicera journey, which began in her kitchen with organic cold-pressed juice, has evolved to multiple functional beverage product lines with the same clean and convenient promise. Order online at www.Juicera.com or pick up Juicera at your local Florida Whole Foods Market.  

Pink Pockets | Post Mastectomy Drain Holders

Have Pink Pockets in hand before heading to the hospital!  Safety pins and pain pills do not mix! Pinning and unpinning clumsy drains from hospital gowns, robes or clothing several times a day following a mastectomy or breast surgery can be maddening for both patients and caregivers.  Pink Pockets solve this problem with a simple and soft, peel and stick cotton pocket that adheres to all garments.  Worn right inside your own clothing, Pink Pockets provide an efficient and discreet way for patients to manage drains.  Helping patients all across the US, Canada, Australia, the UK since 2010 and invented by a breast cancer patient and survivor. 

Mom's Hope Soap

Mom's Hope Soap was started by a mother and son, firstly as a way to keep busy while dealing with the grief from the lost of close family members.  Cancer continued to knock on our door.  We continued to produce products that would be kind to the delicate skin of those that are involved in the cancer experience.  We pride ourselves on using the finest of ingredients to insure the mildness that is required for delicate skin.  Additionally, we have soap and bath products for everyone.  Some are unique in design, color or fragrance.  Almost everything we do is a customized order.  If we can bring a smile to you just by washing your hands, that's one more smile the world can enjoy.


CanPlan is a one-of-a-kind planner designed specifically for cancer patients and their caregivers. It provides daily reminders, guidelines for positive living, and methods for monitoring and tracking all of the details of your illness every step of the way. This isn’t simply a planner: it’s a roadmap to recovery, a book that will return control of your life back into your hands. Once you’re sick, you know you’ll need a hand. With CanPlan, you’ll have one.

Wellness With Jessi

Having personally worked in the corporate world for more than 10 years, I understand the pressure and stress this lifestyle can have on your body and mind. I have overcome my body’s imbalances such as auto immune deficiencies, allergies, and common colds to name a few, but I have reversed these symptoms through self-healing. As a natural intuitive and Reiki master I apply energy healing to live the most productive, happy and well-balanced life I can.

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