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Commonly asked questions and answers about Cancer Coaching.

What is a cancer coach?

Cancer can take over. While some survivors seem to flow through the treatment and have little or no transition into life after cancer, others find that more difficult to do. Coaching is a tool that survivors and caregivers can use to reclaim their life after cancer.  A cancer coach can work with you to provide support and tools to help you reduce stress, address fears, and create an action plan so you feel in control again. I have named my company Mama Bear because I truly feel it is my calling to metaphorically wrap my arms around anyone who is experiencing cancer and be the strong force they need in their corner.  One fierce cheerleader combined with a thirst for knowledge gives my clients the best I have to offer.

Why use a cancer coach?

Few can make informed decisions when they are operating out of fear. A cancer coach can help dispel that fear and to guide you during this most difficult time. I am using my own experience with cancer, chemo, radiation, surgeries, dietary education, and my skills as a teacher and life coach to offer the most I have to anyone going through cancer, caregiving through cancer, and loved ones watching their patient suffer.  It is my mission to let everyone that is involved with cancer know that they are not alone, they do not have to do this by themselves! 

What does a cancer coach do?

A cancer coach works with you to address your fears, your questions about diagnosis and treatment, and guides you to the best YOU you can be after a cancer.  

What makes you qualified to be a cancer coach?

I am a Certified Life Coach, Certified Teacher and a Certified Cancer Coach.  Probably my biggest qualification is I am a survivor.  I’ve walked this walk.

How does billing work, when is it due, and what form of payments?

Billing is calculated on an individual bases and due when each coaching session is completed. Coaching sessions range from $50-$150.

Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Venmo, or cash are accepted. US dollars only.


What are the steps to getting started with Mama Bear's cancer coaching?

  • First Step: Click on the "need more info?" button and fill out the form.  You will then receive an email with an explanation of a list of services and pricing. 

  • Second Step: If you decide you still want further information or are ready to move forward, hit reply and ask me any questions that you may still have. The reply will include your answers and a more detailed explanation of the coaching services I provide and my expectation of you as a client. 

  • Third Step: We will set up your first coaching session!

Do we have to live in the same city?

No, I am available on Skype, text, Facebook messaging, email and FaceTime.

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When I was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer I felt like I was swallowed by a deep dark illness. Mama Bear was there for me from the first appointment through to the last treatment. She worked with me to be able to understand my diagnosis, was there for me (and had some great tips) during treatment but most of all got me together once it was all over. You come out changed and she was able to use my cancer as a catalyst to my new life.  I've never felt stronger or more grounded. I could not have come out so strong without her guidance and her determination to never give up on me.


Donita has a true heart for service. I'm so pleased that other cancer patients will now be able to benefit from her wisdom in navigating through the trials of cancer treatment. Her boundless empathy and energy combined with her organizational and problem solving skills make her the ideal go-to-coach when facing a cancer dx.  We both experienced breast cancer treatment at the same time in different states and decided upon treatment to

apply some best practices based on our areas of expertise; Donita in her passion

to counsel patients and me to provide

post-mastectomy comfort.  Donita is not

just a survivor;  she is an experienced professional with a passion for helping patients avoid the confusing and ever-changing pitfalls of the treatment world. 

I truly believe that people cross our paths for a reason.   When I was diagnosed a second time I had no idea where to start!  Always being the strong one in my family, the one that resolves all problems I found it difficult to lean on my husband as he was dealing with his aging father.  I thank God for Donita coming to my rescue.  She not only made sense of the process but was my shoulder to lean on.  Traveling this journey with someone that had been there was healing for me.   I could be myself and state my fears and she was always there to calm me.  There are angels among us and Donita is mine!  If I had to go down this path I am blessed to have had Donita go guide me!

Judy Stillman



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