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Personal, confidential, one-to-one attention you need when you

or someone you love is dealing with cancer.


As your cancer coach, I will help you understand your options. I will educate you and provide tips for living a healthy lifestyle. I will empower you to make informed decisions, provide you the cancer support you need during your journey, and give you hope for dealing with cancer. Together, we can get you through this.


When you are first diagnosed, you enter what I would call the "Cancer Black Hole."  You are in shock, you are scared, you are waiting, you become frozen with fear and sometimes in denial.  


It's possible you don't understand what the Doctor said or you or the person with you, shuts down during the conversation and doesn't hear everything. 


In our first session, we will go over your diagnosis, what you are going through and we will discuss some helpful tips to get you through the entire process. 



When you begin your cancer treatment, your body and mind will begin to go through drastic changes. Things that were at one time easy to do or just normal routine, will be harder to complete and possibly frustrating. Your treatment  doesn’t affect only you, it will also affect your family, friends, and co-workers.

Each treatment can leave you feeling more depressed, angry, isolated; tired and dreading the next treatment. It can be hard to dig down deep to find the courage and strength, but we can do this, together. 



What happens after your treatment ends? Cancer will change you and you need to focus on taking care of your mind and body.  You've survived, but you come out a different person. 


It's time to focus on you. It's time to take care of your mind and body to the best possible way you know how.


How do you start that process?  It's overwhelming  but that is a service I can provide. A clear plan to start your new life as a survivor. Working together to discover your new life after cancer.


Donita was a wonderful support system as she and I took our separate but similar steps through the cancer journey that began for both of us in 2009. It will be a great asset to have her as part of your team as a cancer coach during these most trying days. She will provide you with not only a calming presence but also with her amazing strength and expertise.

~ Sheryl S. ~


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