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Learn more about me and my experience as a

Certified Cancer Coach and Cancer Survivor. 


I am a BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR  who has endured chemotherapy treatments, radiations sessions, surgeries, and all the unpleasantries of a cancer related illness. I want to make sure that my pain and suffering are used to the best they can be used.  I want to use my experience to ease the experience for others.


In a former life I was a first grade teacher and my thirst for knowledge drives me to want to know everything I can about cancer prevention.  I have spent seven years educating myself, protecting myself, and making every minute I have in this life count.  I want to use that information to share with everyone I can.


I began this mission with the idea of life coaching and emersed myself into the education and certification process to become a life coach.  I quickly realized that my calling was in cancer coaching and continued my education to become cancer coach certified.  

I want anyone and everyone going through their cancer journey (regardless of where they are in the journey) to know that they have someone on their side.  They don't have to do it alone.  It's a lonely journey regardless of the support you may have and a safe haven for people on the journey is needed.  

This isn't a job, it's a calling, and I'm lucky to be able to share my experience. If I can help just ONE person through their cancer journey then I consider myself a success. Personally, success is defined as easing the pain of going through cancer to as many people as possible and educate them to fuel their body the best they can with the resources available to them.

It would be my dream to eventually have Mama Bear "centers" where cancer patients can go and be safe. Share their commonalities, have education available and a source of products available for cancer prevention at prices everyone can afford.  Also be able to reach those who may not be mobile.  

Until then, call me-text me-facetime me-meet me for coffee-let me join you during chemo-but take that first step to let me work with you to be the best YOU you can be before, during and/or after the cancer journey.



  Focus on YOU. Working  to handle the diagnosis and the journey as effectively as possible. 


Each cancer journey is different and requires a different

coaching technique. 


I have the empathy to implement a kind yet truthful and

constructive  approach. 


As a Certified Cancer Coach, we start with rebuilding overall well-being, functioning, and quality of life. By listening, supporting you in your concerns, and clarifying complex information you get from doctors, we can begin the journey to recovery and healing.

Donita has a true heart for service. I'm so pleased that other cancer patients will now be able to benefit from her wisdom in navigating through the trials of cancer treatment. Her boundless empathy and energy combined with her organizational and problem solving skills make her the ideal go-to-coach when facing a cancer dx.  We both experienced breast cancer treatment at the same time in different states and decided upon treatment to apply some best practices based on our areas of expertise; Donita in her passion to counsel patients and me to provide post-mastectomy comfort. Donita is not just a survivor;  she is an experienced professional with a passion for helping patients avoid the confusing and ever-changing pitfalls of the treatment world. 

~ Diane at Pink-Pockets.com ~

Mama Bear Donita